Expertise Matters

Many small businesses don’t have the luxury of hiring experts even if they are needed. We pride ourselves on being experts in our fields with top professional training and years of expereince.

Our key team members

Dr. Sean Li

Machine Learning, Big Data Processing, Predictive Analytics

With a Ph.D. degree from MIT on complex large-scale system optimization, Dr. Sean has more than 16 years work experience as researcher, model developer, system designer, and head of quant analytics in high-tech start-ups, prestigious financial institutions, top hedge funds, and public-listed companies before ParalianTech.

Dr. Connell Quinn

Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Text Mining

Dr. Quinn has born talents in linguistics. After studying and teaching at Harvard University and MIT, Dr. Quinn has spent more than 10 years on natural language modeling, comparison, understanding, processing, and text mining.

Dr. Minwei Wu

Numerial Simulation, C/C++ Programming, Data Modeling

Dr. Wu has a Ph.D. from Princeton University. He has rich experience in numerical simulation, data ETL and programming. Dr. Wu has 20 years experience on C/C++ programming and enjoys working on Linux servers.

Mr. Shu Kong

Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition

Mr. Kong is an expert in using computer to process images, recognize articles, and reconstruct hidden patterns. He has published more than 20 research papers on algos and methods of computer vision and AI on images and patterns.

Ms. Sally Willson

UI Design, UX Design, Data Presentation

Ms. Willson is a UI / UX designer with more than 6 years of experience. She has delivered over 35 projects to satisfied clients from all over the world. Ms. Willson also excels at applying graphic design to data presentation.