With advanced data crunching and A.I. algothrim ,
we help you make optimal & objective selections
in Finance / Healthcare / Internet / Business

A.I. Processes Medical Images

“It's fast and accurate! Easy to use. It would take us multiple years to process those 10,000+ medical images without it.”

-- Dr. Peizeng Jia, Clinical Associate Professor, Peking University

“They not only enabled a full intergration on our work flow, but also increased our productivity with true facts from the data.”

-- Manu Gupta, VP of Information Systems, Musical Food Ltd.

A.I. generates trading signals

“The automated A.I. algo and its live trading signal enabled us to grab some best alpha in this volatile market. Signal backtesting, streaming, and customization was so easy to be set up and adjusted to our special needs.”

-- Michael Miller, Head of Trading Strategies, White Mountain Asset Management

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